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G&T Farm was founded in 2009 by brothers-in-law Leigh Goehring and Doug Thompson. Situated in the Town of Warren, near Richfield Springs, NY, the farm is the culmination of their vision to produce the best tasting, nutrient rich, and 100% grass finished beef, using natural regenerative agriculture methods. Here, our cattle roam pastures and feed on and feed on a rich blend of our specially-formulated sweet grass, and never a morsel of anything else.
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Out the outset, our cattle were individually selected from best-of-breed herds from around the world. This careful sourcing enabled us to build the exceptional gene-pool and distinct phenotypes that we wanted to achieve. Now, ours is a closed herd, meaning we no longer acquire animals from any outside sources. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every animal has been born, bred, born and raised, right here on our farm. The result is a quality, nutritional value and flavor consistency that stands apart.
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If you are looking for quality and variety beyond your grocer, you’re at the right place. Our artisan butchers are masters at their craft, providing all of the steakhouse cuts you know and love, as well as specialty cuts that only whole-cow butchering allows.

Shop our Cooperstown, NY store or order online to have our butchers prepare, vacuum seal, flash freeze and ship your order, right to your door.

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Our Story

In 2009, Brothers-in-law Leigh Goehring and Doug Thompson were steadfast in their commitment to honor 150-year old farming practices and best-of-breed herd management techniques. Together, they located ideal parcels of soil content and land to bring that vision to life. Today, they continue their mission to provide the highest quality and best-tasting beef, fed and finished exclusively on grass, as nature intended.
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